The System

The system aims to minimize risk and teach you how to trade markets successfully without emotions to manage and grow your capital.

Using pre-determined complex algorithms the system maps the different stages of the market at various times during a trading period. Combining indicators that visually highlights the attractive areas in a specific market, giving the user insight into when to trade whether long or short. With additional visual references such as direction arrows and supporting text, from clear entry positions to suitable support or resistance levels, the system removes the complexity associated with reading the market, effectively holding your hand through an intraday trading session or an investing cycle.

Included with the system are all the materials and training that needs to be used in conjunction with the strategy as well as group support from experienced traders. The system will allow you to trade like a professional within 3 – 6 months across 15000 markets to generate sustainable income. We truly believe the system is unique in the sense that it actually teaches you how to trade and the true testimony is that WR Capital executes its own trades on the same system.

Strategy Illustration
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