Why Us

The world is changing at a rapid pace and our traditional systems of employment are failing. We need to adapt as AI and automation is and will continue to not only threaten, but destroy thousands of jobs worldwide.

What are some of the benefits of becoming a successful trader?

- Financial Freedom

Whereby you decide your future wealth and mitigate the risk and implications of being laid off or having a pension deficit. Reserve Bank rates and inflation keeps increasing quicker than your salary, meaning you worse off every year.

- Learning a new skill

It will enable you to understand the world around you, why and how money is moving and enable you to profit from it, even in your current business environment. Having a solid plan B will guard you against future unemployment.

- Be the master of your own lifestyle

Spend more time with yourself or your family. Are you tired of working a 9 – 5, not being able to spend time with your family and stuck in traffic the whole day? Being a trader enables you to set your boundaries and work from anywhere in the world.

- There are no licenses involved

This means that any person can buy our system and become a professional trader without being subjected to legislation or licensing. Furthermore, the capital investment required is much smaller than your traditional business model.

The system was designed with the average person in mind, and no previous financial background is needed, although we do encourage you to read about trading and familiarize yourself with the basic terms and references used. Both the IG Market and Investopedia offer free sources.

The system teaches you how to trade, giving you an 8 – 10-year advantage as opposed to learning from scratch when simply buying another system and setting yourself up for failure.

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